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These are the reasons to invest in Campestre Concordia

Campestre Concordia offers you the opportunity of safely investing in a piece of land with an added value, by acquiring this land you are guaranteed a safe resting place for you and your family, surrounded by nature and just 30 minutes away from California, US.

One of the major projects in the area consists of the construction of an International Border between the towns of Jacumba, CA and Jacume, MX. This will bring forward the construction of a highway passing through Campestre Concordia going to the Ensenada Harbor. This new road will bring a major boost in the commercial productivity of the region by allowing potential businesses the benefit of avoiding crossing the cities of Tijuana and Tecate to get here.

In regards to the earthly attributes of the region, Campestre Concordia has 1,400 acres of land, slight topographical differences and excellent scenic views of cattle ranches, farms and rivers, as well as the impressive Sierra Juarez. During the warm weather months the Pacific Ocean brings a nice fresh breeze and in the winter, due to the altitude above sea level (800 meters) it occasionally snows which creates beautiful landscapes. We’ve successfully planted a variety of fruit trees like apple trees, peach trees and quince trees, highlighting of course the Encino Oak trees of the region.

Here at Campestre Concordia we can highlight the advantages of this project, the groundwater is generally at a shallow depth, the cell phone service is within the reach of every habitant and the electric energy service is just a mile away.

Investing in Campestre Concordia is taking advantage
of the opportunity of your lifetime.



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