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Relax and enjoy your investment

A completely natural development

Recreation time in Tecate

The proximity that exists between Campestre Concordia and the "Magical Town" of Tecate allows you to enjoy this town's iconic landmarks, like the popular Tecate Brewery...

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Recreational area

Campestre Concordia invites you to live with your family in a natural and safe environment where you can spend your weekends relaxed and fun. Learn more about Campestre Concordia and what it has for you and your family...

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How to get there?

It's just a 30 minute drive from the International Border of Tecate or an hour drive from the city of Tijuana....

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Why should I Invest?

Campestre Concordia offers you the opportunity of safely investing in a piece of land with an added value, by acquiring this land you are guaranteed a safe resting place for you and your family...

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Campestre Concordia is a tourist development project with the support and backing of the Global Realty real estate company

1,000 Sq m Lots
  • 120 lots distributed in two blocks
  • 16.5m x 61.5m (meters)
  • With scenic views
Single family lots.
2,650 Sq m Lots
  • 80% already sold
  • 40m x 66m (meters)
  • Flat terrain
  • Easy access to water
Perfect for those looking to create their own little ranch.
5,000 Sq m Lots
  • 70% already sold
  • 50m x 100m (meters)
  • Mixed area
  • Easy access to water
  • Proximity to the enjoyment area
  • Scenic views
10,000 Sq m Lots
  • 50m x 200m (meters)
  • 80m x 120m (meters)
  • Mixed area
  • Easy access to water (at shallow depth)
  • Proximity to the enjoyment area
  • Scenic views
Excellent for those that enjoy wide spaces, productivity and the company of a variety of animals.

Services considered in the recreational area

Added value, future of the region.




Wading pool

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